Should I Buy a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Dewalt cordless wet dry  vacuum cleanerMost of us have cars, and most of us have vacuums, but how many of us have vacuums that are dedicated to our cars?

If you’re thinking about getting a car vacuum cleaner but you’re not sure if it’ll be worth the expense, you’re not alone. It seems silly to have two vacuum cleaners, doesn’t it? Despite appearances, having a dedicated handheld car vacuum is not as excessive as it sounds. In fact, it can save you a lot of time and money. There are plenty of handhelds on the market that are cheap and extremely efficient and will save you a lot of time and effort. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

They’re Portable

First, in your home you probably have an upright vacuum, which is too bulky and annoying to bring outside to the car. If you don’t have a garage, it may even be impossible; have you ever tried running an extension cord to a parking lot? Solution: grab a handheld. It’s light, it’s cordless, and it won’t accidentally crush your toes. In fact, a cordless vacuum cleaner can stay in your trunk between charges, so you don’t have to drag anything out to the car at all.

They’re Easy to Use

Next, your upright probably has a long hose attachment, but admit it – it’s really not that long. In order to get significant reach from it, you have to attach a solid plastic tube, which makes it doubly difficult to maneuver around inside a car. Solution: a handheld car vacuum cleaner can go where no upright has gone before. The handheld can get into tiny spaces above and below, under seats and in funny angles that an awkward hose just can’t reach.

They’re Always Available

Furthermore, you have to be at home to use your household vacuum. What if you’re on your way to pick up your future in-laws at the airport and you want to give your car a once over? Or you’re taking your boss out to lunch in fifteen minutes? There’s just no time to get to the coin-operated carwash! Solution: reach in your trunk and pull out your fully-charged handheld vacuum cleaner. Five minutes of swishing, and your interior is as good as… well, it’s better, anyway.

They’re Convenient

Finally, if you don’t have a handheld car vacuum cleaner, you probably don’t clean your car as often as it should be cleaned. Remember that you ought to clean your car’s interior every week. It’s inconvenient to do this at a coin-operated car wash, especially on a Saturday afternoon when all the kids are out polishing their cars, and it’s too expensive to get a weekly detail job. Solution: vacuum wherever you want, whenever you want. Or continue not vacuuming. It’s your choice!

For all these reasons and more, you should seriously consider getting a handheld car vacuum cleaner. Whatever the cost is (and it won’t be a lot), you’ll make it up in a matter of weeks with time and quarters saved.