How Can I Find the Best Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

Ridgid wet dry vacThere are many reasons to get a wet/dry vacuum, and there are just as many models as there are reasons. When you’re trying to find the best wet dry vacuum cleaner for your needs, it can be frustrating trying to compare all the different features and prices. However, if you narrow down the field based on these main features first, you’ll have a much easier time finding the right wet dry vacuum cleaner for your home.


There are a few ways to measure vacuum power, but good quality wet dry vacuum cleaners will have a high suction rating. Contrary to popular belief, this is not necessarily related to horsepower. Think of it this way: if you’re drinking through a straw and there’s something wrong with the straw, it doesn’t matter how hard you suck – you’re not going to get anything. The best wet dry vacuum cleaner will generally have a higher horsepower, but it’s really not as good of a measure as the suction rating. A suction rating of 40″ or less is almost useless, 50″ or more is pretty good, and 60″ will get the job done for sure.


Part of choosing the right wet dry vacuum cleaner for your situation includes taking into account which attachments you’ll need. For example, if you’re going to be using this for power tool exhaust, you won’t need any corner or brush attachments. If you’re going to be using your vacuum cleaner in the home or car, though, make sure that it has everything you need to get the carpets thoroughly clean. A good wet dry vacuum cleaner where there are children or pets should have plenty of attachments that make it easy to get into those tiny places where dirt seems to accumulate.


Selecting a machine based on portability largely depends on how you’ll use it. Keep in mind that even the best wet dry vacuum cleaner can be significantly heavier than the average upright vacuum. Also note that if you’re going to use it to clean up liquid messes, a gallon of liquid seems far heavier than it really is when it’s sloshing around inside a canister. Consider whether you’ll use this vacuum cleaner in one place, or if you’ll need to carry it to different places, and whether any of those places are only accessible via stairs. If you’re looking for portability, a good wet dry vacuum cleaner will have secure places for all of the attachments on board so you don’t have to run around finding them when you need them.

Putting It All Together

Every person who shops for a wet/dry vacuum will have slightly different criteria, so while it’s good to get recommendations from friends and family, you’ll be more satisfied if you do the research yourself. Make a list of the most important features for you, write your budget at the top, and don’t compromise. There are dozens if not hundreds of models, and with a little time, you’ll find the best wet dry vacuum cleaner designed especially for your home.